is a graphic/type designer from India currently in Baltimore, Maryland.


Reading Notes.

While researching for my new essay that tries to question the notion of personal identity and in turn its relation to the identity of fake news, I finally picked up the book, which has been lying on my shelf for a long time, just staring at me - Black Transparency: The Right to Know in the Age of Mass Surveillance.  

My thought process was confirmed when I read this excerpt :

The pathology of an individual authoritarian, imposing his ferocious will on subjects that must continuously be monitored for secret moves.
But paranoia is infrastructure.
It is logistics.
It is software and hardware.
It is uniformed guards.
It is mouse clicks and coffee mugs.
It is the framed photograph of a spouse. 
Paranoia is the systematic and robust application of sheer technological possibility, lubricated by a melting empathy.

The timing couldn’t be better.

Ninad Kale